Paris Street Style- I’m Coloring in the,street!


Paris Street style

Here I am, sitting comfortably in my pajamas, while it’s dreary out on a rainy morning. I think that makes it a good time to blog about my latest find on blogging for books!

This time when perusing the selection on the site, I was excited to see an adult coloring book that was available. It also was a catchy one to my eye for the fact of title, but also because the gold laminate was so inviting. Shiny things are always a good thing!

Lately, I have been getting into the adult coloring book scene. First introduced to me by a therapist of one of my groups, I immediately was intrigued. I’ve always had strong artistic inclinations, and am looking for new ways to jolt¬†that stimulation. This seemed like a great fit for me! I ultimately didn’t dive right into this new type of exercise, I dipped a toe into the colorful hued water- finding it to be very relaxing and easy.

As for this pretty gold-leafed covered, fashion inspired adult coloring book, I was not very impressed with it from the opening of the cover. Actually, that is the only part of this coloring book I did enjoy. Although inviting with its very unique, girlish cover, the rest of it lacks a certain flare that it initially gives off. The pictures are decidedly more like sketches, and are no where near colorable. In fact, that’s just what it is missing; lines thick enough to color inside. If also reminds me more of a fashion show expose, not coloring book ¬†worthy whatsoever.

I can say a few last words for this review: ‘Paris’ Street Style’ by Zoe De La Cases, was not in the least bit Parisian. It didn’t offer much “street style”, and even though you may call yourself an adult coloring Book- that doesn’t always make you one. Sometimes, it’s just better to look and browse than it is to buy.


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