Books and other things….

Here I am again, up too late reading, when I realize all the time that I never post on here. I really mean to, and have so many beautiful and ugly things to say- yet, never say it. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just procrastination is my middle, and sometimes first, name. I really will one day get fabulous at this!

I really just wanted to say that I have found a wonderful new site, Blogging for books. I love it…..more than love it really. My first love in life is books, and now I’ve found a website that gives me free books for my opinion, (and who doesn’t want that!?), on various titles that I am sent.

Actually, I even just posted my first review on, “Life changing Magic: a journal” by, Marie Condo. It is a great journal for finding life’s little magic in our everyday gratefulness. We all can use some more of that and Ms. Condo has found a cute way to help us do so. It even has enough space to log it in for 3 years. Strongly bound, this journal and book ain’t go in’ nowhere.

I will be sure to continually update you on my finds from the site, I am stoked for my next one already! Be sure to check them out, and I am always here if you’d love a great book recommendation, or to argue some key points too.

Til next time.



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