Oh! I didn’t see you there! Hello and welcome…

So I know with my last blog posting I wrote about how wonderful things are going in my life, which of course, don’t take with this that it is not. I love my life, and it’s just simply mesmerizing how when things are taking you in the right direction-things continue to fall into place. I am coming to realize that while some factors do certainly throw me off, I am by no means taken off of the correct course.

I have never been fond of the saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”. It never stuck, or described my situation. For me it was usually, “When life hands you lemons, throw them at someone [really, really hard at that].” At the current it seems to go, Image


I guess I am at that point where I can only go with the flow, the ups and the downs, and continue living each day as a new opportunity. I have always been a laid back individual, but now I refuse to let any one situation or factor bother me to the point of no return. No one thing is worth my recovery, or frankly taking my happiness. 

I’m also contemplating many things…I just started a new job that I really like. I moved recently in with the best people ever, and my support system is amazing. Like many people, I am at that spot where I am thinking about mingling with the dating scene. But am I ready? Truly ready?

I just simply don’t know. I am apprehensive, as I should be. I have had beautiful people come and go in my life, and I guess I am ready to take on a new path. I would love to find ‘the one’, or whatever that really is, and settle down in some sort of manner. By no means am I making a claim that I am ready to marry-I don’t even really know if marriage is appropriate for me (or anyone with that matter).

Maybe this is just another part of enlightenment for my life, maybe I need that little or big piece that is a healthy part of what I need. I don’t know….I’m just throwing out ideas here. Granted, no matter what may or may not happen, I am genuinely content. And that’s all we can ever strive for, right?


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I'm just a conundrum wrapped in an enigma stuffed into your back pocket.
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One Response to Hoopla!

  1. Janie Jones says:

    Hi. I myself have become more than a little tired of making lemonade all the time. I’m glad to hear you’ve weathered the rough patches and things are looking up. Sounds like you’ve got the right attitude, take it as it comes-just one day at at time. Best wishes!

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