10 Funny Habits + Guilty Pleasures…

So, honestly, I do have quite a bit of silly/embarrassing habits and guilty pleasures. I thought at least, I should come clean. And it also might make a funny post. Feel free to post yours too and link them here… it’s somewhat refreshing! Enjoy…. (=

1.  Everytime I try to buy clothes at a store, or pick an outfit at home, it takes W-A-Y too long for me! I honestly don’t like mushing around in uncomfortable clothes, they’re almost ALWAYS too tight. I always seem to pick the wrong sizes for myself! ….secret: (sssh!) Another truth: Last week we were at Goodwill (I LOVE YOU GOODWILL!), and I ripped the teeny tiny strap off of a gorgeous somewhat silk-ish hippie/bohemian tank top! As you guessed, it didn’t fit….and I was totally stuck in aggravation as well as the pretty- and now broken – little top. :'(








(poor friends and family….♥)

2. I almost never answer my phone (bad habit!) but will text back almost immediately. hmmm…


3. Serious umm-umm yummy time! MOCHI!! I have heard it is also called ‘Turkish Delight’, and that it might be sold by Nature Made Farms? If you know where I can get this deliciously yummy stuff cheaply and you let me know: you will be a GOD FOREVER!!! :D




4. hand washed dishes. I hate them. I don’t have a dishwasher. total, total bummer, I wish I never owned one because then maybe I might more comfortable with it. I have a very difficult time eating food that I suspect may have been handwashed. eek!


5. obsessions…. I get super obsessed with things and collect tons. what kinds of things?… hmm… in the past few there’s been: stickers, pez, animal figurines, bottle caps, vintage stuff (is your closet supposed to be larger than a small bedroom? i didn’t think so…), blythe dolls, fake jewelry, milk mustauche ads (I’m lactose intolerant) and probably lots of other silly things. ask my dad…



6. funny but pleasurable … i’ve been watching Nickelodeon consistently for years on years now. It makes me laugh, forget about my issues, and happier than my morning may have been going thus far. My favorite? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!! for about.. um… well….. 10 years. i’m a silly girl- and I’m a goofy goober! uh-oh!







7. guilty pleasure movies… willy wonka and the chocolate factory, Clueless and (the worst one…) iParty with Victorious.

8. crazy vintage. I mean, I love kitshy weird vintage the most… but i have a weakness for CRAZY vintage too. it’s sorta irresistible.


9. so. much. coffee. it’s a beautiful thing.


10. I can’t stop playing with my hair… especially in nervous situations.

Now you know all my deep dark secrets. And I’m somewhat embarressed! o._.O

What are yours? Confess! XO. elena


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I'm just a conundrum wrapped in an enigma stuffed into your back pocket.
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11 Responses to 10 Funny Habits + Guilty Pleasures…

  1. shamscribe says:

    So funny!! Love it!

  2. Dawne Webber says:

    Thanks for sharing. I liked your list.Except the fart jokes; they remind me of my brother.
    My daughter tells me my love of rock ballads is a guilty pleasure, but I am proud of it ;p
    Avatar: The Last Airbender is my very favorite tv show. I’ll refrain from commenting on the movie.

  3. Janie Jones says:

    1. I burp really loud. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident.
    2. I have to have ice cream for dessert every night.
    3. I am insanely picky when it comes to just about everything.
    4. I am a neat freak, and I live with a 6 year old and a non neat freak man. Need I say more?
    5. I cannot stand when colors and prints clash. It’s like, physically painful.
    6. I always have to go to the bathroom before I leave the house. Even if I peed just 10 minutes ago.
    7. I love scarves. I have about a gojillion. I sometimes wear two or three at a time. Of course, they always match.
    8. I will only drink soda from a glass over ice. Preferably it should have crushed ice, come from a fountain dispenser and be served with a straw. I’d rather go thirsty than drink from a soda can. Obviously, I’ve never been _that_ thirsty.
    9. I can’t eat corn with beef. It just seems wrong. You have to have a green vegetable with beef. You can eat corn with pork if it’s barbequed, but otherwise you need an orange or a green vegetable. Corn always goes with poultry. Did I mention I was picky?
    10. I love to go walking on the rocky lake shore and collect beach glass and pebbles. I could spend hours, and have, just sifting through the rocks. I have jars and dishes and a whole fish tank filled with my collection.

    Thanks Elena, this was fun! Glad I dropped by.

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  5. This is fun. I love your litst too. This would be a great thing to do on the days I have writers block.

  6. nightclubs says:

    Thanks for the information and I definately use it.

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