Lost in Time

Another time,
Another place.
Another me, another face.
A time before the windows closed;
Un-watered flowers
in a vase.

The sun was golden
On our skin.
The future filled my soul within;
Before the decades stealthy fate,
The race I ran,
Assured to win.

I try to picture
How it felt.
A heart where love and laughter dwelt;
In dreams it happened yesterday
But years weigh down.
We slowly knelt.

A record stored
Within my mind,
The countless actions you will find.
The deeds you pride, the needs you hide
When you were cruel,
When they were kind.

I Won’t return
To what I was;
Nor can I hold what once occurred
My life is haunted by these ruins
As rust moves slow
And undeterred.

I had a dream just yester-night and all was well
As dreams can make.
I know my fate, extend my hand, we join and dwell
I won’t awake.


About WhatElenaDoes

I'm just a conundrum wrapped in an enigma stuffed into your back pocket.
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