the first..

Greetings! I am happy and pleased that you have discovered my blog. You will soon find out that I am an exciting, fun, creative, artistic, and gentle person. ([Along with many, many other adjectives to describe myself!])

So here goes: [in just some random order. I guesssss?]

I did never do a thankfulness/thankful-type list last year. I feel like I should, so I am going to now.

  • Elena is thankful for:
  1. Sean, my Babysweets- the love of my life. Also the man-boy who takes care of me, protects me, and loves me. I am so very thankful he makes food for me a ton of the time as well!!!  :oÞ
  2. Our 2 babies, not made of our flesh- Cyndal and George. There’s a reason for that: NO human kids. I love them oh so so much. I couldn’t ask for better kitty kats! =^.^=
  3. The home we’ve been blessed with..
  4. Chocolate. yummm.. :-9 (I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. candies in general!)
  5. el mexicano coconut water. It is the best goddamned thing the world. period!
  6. Coffee ((first.)) Tea ((secound)). i think??
  7. All of my art supplies for *all* my arts. TOO many to name right now, but also being blessed with the gift of being a talented artist.
  8. ANYTHING weird, kitschy, strange, odd, or just plain different!   }|{
  9. christmas lights.
  10. sparkles…. :D
  11. cigarettes   :- i

So there it is, it did feel good to get it written somewhere important to me. Although, I don’t anyone has discovered ‘WhatElenaDoes’ just yet?

Thanks to you, for reading. YOU ARE SPECIAL!! ~Shotgun Mary, Astrid, Elena.

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About WhatElenaDoes

I'm just a conundrum wrapped in an enigma stuffed into your back pocket.
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