Down the rabbit hole! ‘Wonderland’ review


My newest review is on another, yet much more delightful adult coloring book. I was super excited to see that Amy Shen’s, ‘Wonderland’, was avaliable! This is a beautiful, vibrantly colored and exquisitely detailed coloring book.

I had originally discovered Shen’s books on Amazon and quickly found her to be quite surprisingly unique and intriguing. She really takes the task of creating a new outlook on well-known story to whole new levels. What’s more incredible, is the fact that she really goes above and beyond with her illustrations. Not only are they greally detailed, she knows how to keep you interested with a true story line. That is the biggest difference I have noticed on my quest for finding superb quality adult coloring books -a true story! Most, if not all, adult coloring books do not offer an actual story like Wonderland. Truely, there isn’t a single thing necessarily wrong with that, it really just depends on what you’re for. Sometimes it is nice to just want to die in and color. Other times, it is even nicer to play out the story like a kid again.

All in all, I give Wonderland 2 thumbs up. If what you are looking for is a tiny bit of Asian influence, traditional storylines, beautiful and detailed pictures, and a fun adventure while you help to pave the way out of the whole story itself- then I would highly recommend this coloring book for you to check out. It certainly is a gorgeous and brilliant way to get a taste of Carrolls’ classic.


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